Lost cameras at Georgia Dome

Two cameras were accidently left near a table in the concession area behind the Curie field just before the finals on Einstein.

One was a black bag with a Sony Digital video camera and numerous tapes with sentimental value. The other was a beige camera bag with Canon 35mm camera.

If anyone has any information, please email or PM me and I will put you in touch with the owner.

If nothing else, the owner would really like the tapes back – the cameras are of secondary importance.




Our team didn’t find the Sony or Canon cameras, but we found an Olympus camera in the stands.
I also lost a Siemens cell phone, and would appreciate if someone found it, return it.

As crazy as this sounds, but are you sure they were left and not stolen??? Last year our team had our scouting digital camera stolen right of our pit table and Tom (the owner) walked no more than 8 feet to check the score/rankings for only 3 minutes… This year we had “pit watch” where 2 members of our team had to stay in the pit for 2 hours until relieved by the next two… We shouldn’t have to do this in FIRST but sadly to say that there is people out there that want to steal and ruin a good time… shrugs… I didn’t see anything though…

I had a Sony digital still camera in a black case stolen from our pit. It was under our table with all our backpacks, but that’s the only thing taken. It is about 5 years old (my dad just got a new one). Please pm me with any info.

I also lost a black Fuji Camera in the Curie Stands. It is a 35mm and was in a white Raytheon bag. It’s not an expensive one but any information would be appreciated!

I hate to sound harsh, but unless any “lost” (stolen?) items turn up in the next few days, I don’t think you’ll get them back. FIRST is actually probably entirely cleared out of the event site by now, because each additional day is more money they pay, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they worked through the night to break down everything and ship it back to wherever it is that they keep it.

Also keep in mind that FIRST does warn against leaving anything in the pits, and I do agree, it’s a shame that we have to worry about thefts at a competition such as FIRST, but some people just don’t get it, and there’s nothing we can do about it except for keep a close eye on our personal belongings.

A quick suggestion for next year, if you can, get bags for laptops and cameras that don’t look like they hold laptops or cameras, because then someone will be less likely to steal them.

it could be a possiblity that people from outside of FIRST are stealing, i mean after all, the pits and the compeition are open, and anyone, wether they are part of FIRST or not, can come and watch. It’s a shame that those people who steal can ruin the spirit and fun at the event. For example, some guy tried to pickpocket my friend, but fortunatly for my friend, he was wearing a jacket with a lot of pockets, and the pocket that the pickpocket tried to pick didn’t have anything in it.

i guess alot of things were being lost and/ or stolen…i had my cell phone stolen…definatly by someone outside of the FIRST community because i know how nice everyone is in FIRST… but it was a motorola from Verizon…it was silver/white…did anyone find a cell phone???