Lost Digital Camera and Bag

Hello everyone! As you all know things get lost and we had that happen to us at Championships recently. One of our mentors lost his digital camera which was in a black drawstring backpack(one of those free ones they hand out). Sorry that I can’t give any more information but we were on the Curie field and sitting in the first 3-6 rows in the center of the field. Thanks for any information or help!!

A member of 176 lost a laptop on Friday. It held all of our updated programs. I know its a long shot, but if anyone has heard anything about a laptop that was found please contact me.

Man, We actually lost a Fuji Digital Camera as well! If anyone has found any cameras can you let us know? We had lots of Pics of our team stuff on their, and some matches, and we could provide a serial number if necessary! I think we all would appreciate it, if you have seen our Items and could possibly return it to us! Thanks!

  • Rameez

Not again.
Tell me it’s not the same laptop that was left in Hartford…

Well, how do you feel about an MP3 player?

a small red backpack?

I think that is all the losts I found. If anyone has recovered these items, it might be good to post also.