LOST & FOUND - Davis/Sacramento

i lost a camera at DAVIS
[CASIO - 7.2MP]

if n e one has it
or knows what i could do to find it
that would be great

I doubt you will find your camera:( . You should be more carefull next time:mad: .

Few people in my experience no one will return your Camera:ahh: .

Best of luck though!:smiley:

Make sure you call the venue where the event was held. I think that at the end of an event anything left in lost and found is turn into security of the venue. Also I can’t remember if FIRST kept a list of stuff turned in or not but you can check. Good luck I hope you find it. I have worked the pit admin desk at UTC New England Regional the last 4 years. You would be surprised what people turn in. I had cameras, phones, ear rings, and other things turned in. There were other expensive items that I won’t mention because they were never claimed.

thanks guys

You would have had the best chance posting this after Davis… I don’t know what kind of luck you’ll have now.

I’ll second that… LABEL your things, especially team items. If you’re going to give the MC your team flag, etc. be sure to come by after the event is over and bring it home with you… So far this year I’ve brought home (to return to local teams or people that I knew) a nice sweater, several team flags from two regionals, a laptop, and a movie screen.

How about cords? Did you bring home any electrical cords?:slight_smile:

We managed to leave 2 laptops at GLR. However, they both had contact information in the bag so security called us before we even got home.

And someone’s <ahem> power strip, too… I ought to paint “FIRST Lost and Found” on the side of my Jeep…

That’s what I was talking about. Maybe at WPI?

Wow…Your lucky the people who called you are generous!


As a longtime pit admin person, some things get turned in to Pit Admin, some things get turned in to the site security people. If it was found in the pits, usually it goes to Pit Admin. The Pit Admin stuff, for the most part, but not always, stays in the Pit Admin crate and then, finally goes back to NH. We do get an amazing array of stuff!

Check with the site and also check with FIRST Operations. If it was turned in, one of those places should have it.

Speaking of lost and found…

If anyone saw me Thursday morning in Atlanta, I was quite frazzled. For about 4 hours, I thought I lost 300 Braves tickets. These tickets were misplaced at about 7:45am. The time between giving a presentation with Bill Beatty at 8:00am, setting up the AndyMark booth at 9:00am, having a practice match at 9:30am, checking the Pit Admin booth 3-4 times for found tickets, and meeting with various people between 10-11:00am, I was quite on edge.

I even called the Braves ticket office to see if they would re-print all 300. They said they would, if I did not find the tickets by 4:00pm that day.

So… I meet my wife for lunch that day (she was running the AndyMark booth in the Suppliers’ Showcase), and I admit to her that I lost these tickets. She laughed at me and said that they were stuffed in with the AM demo stuff.


Andy B.


I still have a nice set of flight sticks from the Chesapeake. I got to take home all the lost and found items from Chesapeake.
The ipod found its owner (because of the cd forums)