lost; giant cat poster

my team, 461, had a long standing tradition to hang a huge happy cat poster at the competitions we go to. you may recognise it.

recently it was lost to us at the buckeye regional. our team is heart broken, and would love for the return of our papery pal. its fairly large, well over six feet, and took alot of effort and my own ink and paper to print. any info would be greatly apreciated. [email protected] pull through for me delphi!!

I approve this message.

We want another picture in Atlanta.

:smiley: it makes me really happy to know that other teams like it as much as we do. thats actually why 461 is only on the back, because its for everyone to enjoy, just i’d like to keep it in my team. thanks man, if anyone else loves the happy cat i’d love to hear.

There’s a much easier way to phrase that:




I love that little… (big!!) guy! :smiley:
We even got one of our former students to get a photo with it in 2006 in Atlanta!

Here’s hoping for a safe return of the Happy Cat! :slight_smile:

hmm… i’m not sure if these are pictures of happy cat mk 1 or mk 2 . any way, totally digging the happy cat love.

oh no!!! not happy cat!!! he was my favorite :(. hope you find him soon! :ahh:

Have you considered the possibility the event staff took it down? Wasn’t it mounted in the upper level? At what time did you realize it was missing?

well the time of loss was roughly during the final event of the buckeye regional.