LOST NI Software (embarrassed)

So the title says it all. We lost or misplaced out NI disc and now need it for training. Does anyone know if its possible to get another/ license? If so who to contact?

I went on NIs site but there wasn’t any good support area that pertained to first or an issue like this. Any input appreciated.


Ask a nearby team if you can borrow their disc (or a copy of its files on a USB flash drive).

Do you know your team’s license key? If you have access to a computer with any of the NI software installed, the License Manager program on that computer can tell you what your key is.

You can download everything from here. Follow the instructions to download. If you have it registered on at least one computer you can use the NI Licence Manager to find the licence. Otherwise you can ask someone from another FRC team to PM theirs to you or you can ask National Instruments for another licence.

That’s Awesome. Thank for the help. Yes we have it installed on a computer so we will check out the license manager and download the files. Thanks Again.

I have the same problem as far as the key goes. I have downloaded all the current code from NI but it is currently in eval mode.

Our only laptop became corrupted and I’m in the process of rebuilding it from the 2015 E14 image. But I do not have access another system that might have a key on it. Can someone share their key with me.

Asst. Coach Team 4624

And a “Newby” at that.

Within hours I had a private message from Greg with an offer of help. THANK YOU Greg.

My issue has been resolved.