Lost our main mentor need registration help

Can you tell me when events registration is normally open? We lost the mentor that had always taken care of this and I don’t know when it was usually done.
Don’t want to miss out.

First of all you need to change the lead contact info in TIMs (First’s online registration system) to some one current if you not already done so. To First’s way of thinking, that person owns the team & is the primary contact with First. They will get emails with critical dates. Log unto that & look around. It also where you add members to your team. Pay for registration. Some of the major sponsors deposit sponsorship money to the TIMs account as well

For FRC the first critical date is late Sept when registration for the first regional opens. The dates for 2014 will be posted in Sept.

Registration is done in TIMS. You can login now to set things up for 2014.

Registration for regional events Opens on Sep 26, 2013 Noon EDT

Thank you all

…and if that prior main contact is unreachable, contact your regional director. They have the ability to get HQ to switch that out.

You can also setup a secondary contact that can have access to TIMS as well. Sorry to hear that one of your main mentors is no longer with you.

I’d like to offer to help you navigate and get things accomplished with this transition…

You can call me directly at 210-858-8575 (IF you get voicemail just leave message and I’ll get right back to you) and you can email me at [email protected]

I’ll help you anyway I can…

–Michael Blake

RIMS shows you as an alternate contact so you should be getting all the E-mails on deadlines ect and you have the authorization to register for events.

You should be able to contact FIRST and have them switch you to the main contact and add a new alternate contact, though they may need confirmation from the RD to do so if the current main contact does not confirm they wished to be removed.