Lost Password

The team that used our NI robotRIO in 2015 set a Admin password. There is no way to get a hold of the students and we don’t know the previous advisor.

I have looked and looked but I can’t find any way to remove or reset the admin password. I can’t update the firmware without the password either.

I can log into the unit via SSH with the user LVUSER but that user does not have permissions for anything.
There seems to be a root user, but there is also a password set.

Does anyone have any ideas how to reset a password?


[STRIKE]Most motherboards have a way to clear the password physically. Try googling the part number on the motherboard to see if you can find out how. Hereare some generic things to try, as well.[/STRIKE]

Oops - I see it was the RIO. This thread covered the same question a year ago. If the tips there don’t help, contact NI (and please post the answer here for future reference).

You’d need a bootable roboRIO OS on a stick.
Talking to NI tech support to get it resolved is necessary.

If you have any local CSAs you can try contacting them.
Some CSAs carry a stick setup for it.