Lost Serial Number, Hard drive crashed

Our laptop died, and we don’t have the little piece of paper with the serial number on it…

How do we install the software???

Why is a serial number required???

Are you talking about the serial number that is asked for when you install the driver station? If so, you only need this if you want to use NI Vision Assistant.

Install the software by running the setup.exe program as usual. You will be able to run it in evaluation mode for a month.

Are you talking about the “little piece of paper” that was in the big National Instruments envelope? The serial number for your team is also printed on the big sticker on the outside of that envelope.

If you cannot find a serial number, check with Spare Parts at your competition. There is another NI envelope in one of the drawers in the case with a serial number you can copy down and use to activate your LabVIEW license.