Our team lost our classmate laptop. Is there a website you can buy a new one or, can u use another laptop in compition???


Read the ‘Blue Box’ beneath the rule.

The FIRST “Where to get more” PDF:

In the PDF, the classmate PC is listed as:
CTL Corp 2GO Classmate PC NBCE11F www.ctlcorp.com/go/first

Also, R75 permits you to use other computers, so long as the proper driver station software is loaded on them.

<R75> The Driver Station software provided on the FRC website (www.usfirst.org/frc/kitofparts) is the only tool permitted to collate driver/operator inputs and communicate them to the ROBOT. The Driver Station software must be revision or newer.

Teams are permitted use a portable computing device of their choice (laptop computer, PDAs, etc.) to host the Driver Station software while participating in competition MATCHES.
Please note that 19V DC, 2A power will be provided at the PLAYER STATION for Classmates provided in the 2010 and 2011 KOPs via Classmate power adapters. The manufacturer has confimed that the power supply provided at the PLAYER STATION is compatible with both 2010 and 2011 Classmate versions. No 120VAC port will be available.
The FMS will verify that the Driver Station software is correct before it will permit a ROBOT to operate on the FIELD.

Not sure about where to get another Classmate, but you can use another PC.

<R75> The Driver Station software provided …**Teams are permitted use a portable computing device of their choice (laptop computer, PDAs, etc.) to host the Driver Station software while participating in competition MATCHES.**Please note that 19V DC, 2A power…

We have lost our classmate , too but we have a major problem.We can’t deploy our robotcode from another laptop so we think it’s because we don’t use the classmate.

And as all we know there are two accounts in the classmate.One of them is Developer and the other one is Driver Station.Do we have to make accounts  like DS and Deployer in an another laptop too ?

You don’t need to create two seperate accounts on the laptop. You can deploy code without the classmate, ensure your computer is set to the correct IP address ( ) for your team.

Try a lego supplier. I saw these classmates at a tech conference this fall.

I thought that we had to set our IP adress ( for our team!

I think you are right, either way running the drivers station software should set it correctly.

Everything you may need to buy is on the kit of parts website(as long as it is in the kit of parts.
the site specifies www.ctlcorp.com/go/first as the place to go to in order to purchace a new classmate but what vesion you had and the image drive may be needed in order to order a new one
check also to make sure this is nogt taken off of the 3400 dollars you are allowed to spend
it will set you back around 450 dollars but you can add extra features that other teams may not have like adding anouther gb of memory or updating the solid state drive.

good luck

The DAP gets …1, the cRIO is set to …2, and the Driver Station has to be …5 in order to work. Two years ago the Linksys was …4 and I think any computer acting as a Dashboard had to be …6, but this year there is no router and the Driver Station can either host the Dashboard or forward the data to any address you want. The programming computer is typically set to …6, but that’s not a requirement. It just has to have the right first three octets and a compatible subnet mask.