Lost/Stolen Stop Button

Hi everybody;
We are missing our stop button and I know that it’s not allowed to go to match without it. How can we provide one???

For reference please use the search before making a thread. The field provides its own stop button for each driverstation, and the 2012 driverstation software uses the spacebar as a e-stop button.

You would only need to use the stop button when practicing the robot either at the competition’s practice field or at your place.

You mean the spacebar, right?

As the previous poster said, you do not ever NEED to use the Stop Button (anymore). The Driver Station Space Bar acts as a Stop Button and when pressed will make the Robot go into Emergency Stop mode.

We “lost” our stop button by the third day we got it, several years ago. Never bothered trying to replace it, as the spacebar (Now the “Enter” key) does the same thing.

On another note- What is the difference between “Emergency Stopped” (Spacebar) and “Disabled” (Enter key)?
I know if it is E-Stopped, you have to physically reboot the robot to re-enable it, but I can’t tell any other difference.

Different command sent to the robot, but yes, E-stop requires a power cycle while a disabled robot can be started right back up.