Lost Wallet at NY Regional, Michael Rainford

My team found the wallet of Michael Rainford. We think it might belong to someone from team 354. Does anyone know who this is. PM if you have any info so that we can return it.


I just contacted the mentor on Team 354, they will ask about “Michael Rainford.”

Thank you for posting this on CD.

Michael Rainford is the supervisor of Team 1155, The SciBorgs, at Bronx Science. So if StuyPulse can get it back to him Mr. Rainford as well as the whole of the SciBorgs will greatly appreciate the act of honestly of trying to return his wallet.

Does he also help 2265?? If so, he’s quite a busy guy!
No wonder why he lost his wallet in all the craziness of the weekend! :ahh:

Yes he does, he mentors both the SciBorgs and the Fe Maidens, as we both are from the same school.

Well that def. makes sense.
Are both teams coming to CT?
I saw that 2265 is.
Feel free to come stop by the pit area of Team 237 while you’re here and say hi if you are!
We just competed with you in NYC this past weekend.

Yes, both teams will be at Hartford and I’ll be sure that there is some personal effort to connect with the teams there.

Mr. Rainford would like a means of contacting StuyPulse to arrange a way of retrieving his personal affects. So anything like a phone number or email would be great.

My email is ice19berg@gmail.com.

I’ve also been in contact with Qurat Ali, and apparently there may have been another Michael Rainford at NY.


ok, so you’ve been checking in with Qurat, and another Rainford??? Possibly, because our Rainford seemed confused when told, he has his wallet with IDs and such but does wonder if he dropped any forms or such that would be needed.

AJ, Mr. Rainford said, “There are more than one Michael Rainfords in NY,” therefore he wants me to find out the description of the wallet.

Thanks, Seth, for all of the trouble you are going through.

And 237, we remember you from NYC! Wasn’t your pit right across from 1155’s? We’ll make sure to stop by in Hartford.