Lots of Links

Mabey it’s just me…

but when i look at the header, (800x600), it seems to ‘cluttered’.
Brandon, if you could combine some of the ‘less used’ links (like countdown, stats, polls??) it would look better.

Not really sure how you would to this (a new page just for links would look crappy) and unsure if you want to use java, but just a suggestion


who uses 800x600 … sheish :slight_smile:


i’ll change my resolution & see what i can do.

Ok, I did it – yes, it was solid links all the way across the top, but the links didn’t wrap on my screen – so I don’t see a problem with it for now :slight_smile: [/EDIT]

I have my monitor at 1280x1024 but I set my IE 6 browsers to 800x600 anyway just because it’s easier to organize on my desktop and for web design. I don’t see any problem with ‘cluttering’ in the header… just don’t add more :slight_smile: