Love your Robot Day NH

Last year Team 811 hosted a “Love Your Robot Day” at Bishop Guertin High School in NH to immerse the entire school in the spirit. Our team had tons of fun with this idea last season, and in the spirit of spreading the FIRST message, we’d love if your teams would join us in creating the first annual “NH Love your Robot Day”.
In 2004, Team 811 from Bishop Guertin High School began Love your Robot Day. We believe this initiative was a major contributing factor to our team’s success and our ability to recruit new team members. This year, our team is endeavoring to help other teams spread the word and expand their membership while expanding this event. We would like to invite all of the New Hampshire teams to be involved in Love your Robot Day.
What does this involve? Music, robots, creativity, and of course, doing our homework by spreading the FIRST message. Team 811 had “robotic” music playing over our school’s PA system in between classes. During lunch, one of our robots dashed around outside of the cafeteria greeting students and faculty. This, some clever marketing, and creative thinking enabled us to recruit MANY new students to our team, and increased interest in engineering within our school.
If your team is interested, and we hope you are, we’d love to hear from you! We will be working with local state representatives and the governor’s office to get this day acknowledged on a larger scale, and we need your help! Please have a team member contact Julia Metzler of Team 811 by email ([email protected]) or pm me to get more information about Love your Robot Day. Additionally, if you have ideas, we strongly encourage you to share them with us and other contributing teams. It is our hope to eventually make this a world-wide event, with your support and enthusiasm.

Though we would like to make this NH event possible, we encourage all teams to try this. It really is a great way to spread the word. Again, contact me if you would like more information!

Team 811 is looking forward to hearing from you!

This sounds like a great idea but what is the official date of "love your robot day?

Seeing as this is targeted at NH, we figured February 25 would be the date- the week before Granite State Regionals, to encourage people to come and see the competition.

I think it would be easier to “love your robot” if you actually had it around. So doint it like the day before ship (if possible) might be better.

Actually, we were going to do it with previous years’ robots. We realize that rookie teams wouldn’t be able to show off their robot, but there are other things that you can do on this day that don’t require actually having the robot there that day. We wanted it after ship date because by that time the stress is slightly lessened- and replaced by excitement for upcoming competitions!

JULIA GIGLIO!!! See, I TOLD you people who respond! But what about the fact that Pat took some stuff off of Red Streak 2 to put onto this year’s robot? At the rate we’re going with mixing parts around, we’re gunna have to use A.R.C… That would be WEIRD.
I can’t wait til Love Your Robot Day!!! Hopefully it’ll get me outta class, and maybe Mr.I will take me to FIRST base to “help” bring the robot to school… Whatever… I WANNA GO TO FLORIDA W/ YOU!!! MAJOR bummer… :frowning:

That sounds like lots of fun, I’ll tell my mentors about it and see if we can’t show up with our 2004 bot. :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact Team 1073 through me via PM.


:ahh: It’s not letting me edit my last post, sorry Brandon for the repost!

You can probably count on some members from Team 134 showing up, drop me a line when you know for sure the date and time
AIM is SessoFiendJake, MSN is [email protected], and Gmail is [email protected]

An update on Love your Robot Day:

I handed out CDs containing Love your Robot Day info at the BAE unveiling at Nashua South. I also posted this up in the White Papers, in case anyone didn’t get one (Manchester Memorial and Timberlane, I know you were both at unveiling and I missed you) I know it says Love your Robot Day NH… But it’s open to anyone!
We’re having a contest- whoever gets the most student submissions in the game will be awarded! Please send us all of your entry forms, and we’d love pictures of how it turned out!

The “official” date of Love your Robot Day was February 25- last Friday.
Did anyone attempt to put together a Love your Robot Day event in your school? If so, how did it go? What would you change?
If you didn’t, but planned on trying it- how can we make it easier for you to implement this next year?

BG successfully put together a Love your Robot Day- We planned on having music between classes (that didn’t work out- technical difficulties), and we had announced it for the past few days- but it was at lunch where the show really was. We piloted a game for next year (based on Triple Play), and demoed our robot from last year. We were able to get over 70 people to participate in our game! We hope this increases interest in FIRST and an audience at regionals- we’ll see how it goes!