Low Bar Flaps Removed at Alamo Regional

The new Low Bar flaps at the Alamo Regional were removed today partway through Qualification matches, due to flap damage and entanglement with robots.

I wonder if this week’s other events will have their Low Bar flaps removed now as well?

<Marvin the Martian>Well, back to the drawing board…</Marvin>

At GTR East they gorilla taped them after they began to tear again, seems to be holding up so far and not affecting any teams. Duct tape fixes everything.

GTRE is still running the old low bar flaps.

We’re still using the new low bar flaps at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional, no significant damage has occurred to them.

An interesting thing; it’s pretty easy to bowl a boulder into it and have it stay on the Low Bar Defense. The boulders don’t pass through, but the new flaps seem to be able to hold boulders better than they can bounce them back into the Neutral Zone.


The Low Bar flaps at Orlando never seemed to really take any damage.

4639 is at alamo right now. I think they removed them because we put a tear in them during practice yesterday and another robot ripped them in half. That was just one side so idk why they removed both. I didnt hear an official announcement.

Hopping for a single acrylic flap.

St. Louis is using the new flaps and we haven’t had any real problems to my knowledge.

New flaps at L.A. are holding up.

New flaps at Columbus event in Peachtree District have no noticeable damage or entanglement issues with robots.

Mexico low bar has been taped out of that it hasn’t receive any huge damages.

The Medieval Car Wash (thanks Joel) at Kettering #2 is holding up well. I saw a flap flip over the top bar once, so there was a partial opening for the rest of the match. One of them has a piece of black tape on the portion that loops over the bar, so there must have been a small hole that they patched. The zip ties around the bar that act as spacers slide sometimes, so the gaps get a bit wider and narrower, but field reset repositions them for the next match. I haven’t seen any robots having problems with them.

The new Low Bar flaps were not installed on Friday at Alamo, they were still using the orgional flaps until they had to be removed. They didn’t get the shipment in time to have them installed on Friday morning. The new flaps were installed last night and will be used today.

No mahor damage at KC thus far, but they seem to have a tendency to bunch up / ride the zip ties on the bar.
The boulders also sometimes get stuck in the low bar flaps if you bowl hard enough, and it makes judging HP intent when they roll a second boulder rather difficult…

I may have misunderstood, but I heard we had some issues with them at the Lake Superior Regional, so a couple of volunteers joined together to sew replacement low bar flaps while the event was taking place. In addition to that, they proved more durable than the ones FIRST provided. Hats off to those volunteers for their strenuous, yet marvelous work –– you guys never cease to amaze us with your dedication.

You misspelled two words. Fixed that for you…

I have noticed this happen a couple times as well. It makes for a bit of a foul hazard, as teams need to watch out for G41 if they are carrying a boulder already when heading for the low bar.

Arkansas has had no issues with the new low bar, besides what Andrew Lawrence mentioned. Nobody seems to have gotten tangled in them, although they do seem to shove the zip ties around. With the boulder holding thing, on top of the sliding around, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out about yet another low bar change. Perhaps they could take a page out of GTRC’s book and use number fabric?