Low Cost Field BOM

What you say makes sense. They could use the smaller young kids to climb into the enclosed maze and retrieve the robots that are stuck there at the end of the match (just kidding, they wouldn’t be able to drag out a 130# robot)

Yes … I just double checked … and you are correct … NOW. :ahh:

I might regret this but I’m getting back on my soap box …

WHEN I ORIGINALLY POSTED THE QUESTION ABOUT THE BRAKE I DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECKED THE PART NUMBER … AND IT WAS THE PART WITH THE BRAKE - IT HAS SINCE BEEN CHANGED … AGAIN!! Now I know the staff at FIRST works very hard, and this time of year they are extremely busy … but how difficult is it to check the information BEFORE it is posted?? OR is this just another attempt to interject some engineering/business reality into this effort by changing requirements/information after the initial “reveal”. Again I will ask … WHEN is it safe to order/buy components and feel reasonably sure that the information won’t have to be corrected AGAIN? :mad:

OK … sorry about that … I feel better now. :stuck_out_tongue:

New Idea:

One of the items on the list is two 2"x12"x8’ peices of lumber. These are beefy peices, the size used for supporting the second layer of a house. Now, an 8 foot span is a pretty decent distance, you could create some sort of bridge or support.

Secondly, there are three casters. What can you do with three casters? Either there is some sort of turnstyle as has been previously mentioned. or, in my opinion, there is a suspended goal. If the large support beams were hung above the field. You could hook up a rig using the (gasp) three casters as a guide for the hanging goal. One caster on the top of the planks, and one running on each side of the planks. This would create an interesting sliding goal mechanism that would complicate scoring.

Visual (the ball looking things are the casters, the goal would hang below it)


Well do people think?

I like the suspended goal thoery. That would even give a “Box with wheels” (And a pole) something to do. Maybe the objects in the goal count for the diffferent alliances based on where the goal ends up?

see thats the thing with FIRST. You can’t be sure of anything till the official day comes. when is it safe to buy things ? probably as soon as kickoff is done with. even then sizes change but at least it won’t change that dramatically as it would days before the competition.

I’m sure at least 3/4 of the teams registered here remembered what happened last year with the toss up on where the nationals would have been. it took FIRTS longer to settle at a location that can handle the load of close to 90000 students and educators etc… teams couldn’t make hotel registrations up until the last couple of weeks during it was either building season or regional competitions i don’t remember for sure when everything was settled.

You must be patient with FIRST. in the mean time though its ok to see if the materials are in stock just don’t by them. and if you do buy them then be sure your gonna use it. :]

FYI for those who might not have seen this yet.

Straight from the "2003 FIRST Robotics Competition Team Forum and Survey Issues and FIRST Corrective Actions"**
**[font=Arial]ISSUE: **[/font]Teams reported that the field used for 2003 was too expensive for them to build their own fields.
[left]Corrective Action[/left]
[left]• FIRST recognizes that reconstruction of field elements for 2003 was cost prohibitive for many teams. This is being taken into account in the development of the field for the 2004 game.[/left]

[left]This document is available for viewing on FIRST’s Website at http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2003_FRC_team_feedback.pdf[/left]

It was updated again, and the part number they give for the casters is close to the one they had it linked to before, but it does not exist. I have a feeling the it is a typo, but who knows since it has been updated 3 times now.

Back to the topic of Stairway, its been said before that the only reason Dave would post something like that would be if it was impossible to guess anything about the game from him. A stairway is obviously too obvious a reference, so if there are actually stairs in this game, I’m going to buy everyone a taco.

Personally, I think the reference is to poke fun at the ridiculous amount of lumber that we have to buy… you know, “And she’s buuuuyyying a stairway, to heaven…”

Besides, with all this talk of Stairway, has it ever occured to anyone that maybe Dave just likes Led Zeppelin?

theres no typo on the bom right now its just that the caster with that number is on the second page of casters at the company site

[C) go [i]over[/quote]

the bar. :wink:

You do realize that we **HAVE **to hold you to that statement now don’t you??

I hope SuperDanman owns or works at a Taco Shop! :smiley:

6.82 mph huh??

Well, I went bowling tonight and the balls in the lane next to me were traveling from ~9.8 - 23.0 mph

So if it truely is 6.2 mph (10 Ft/sec) then it is slow I guess, but if the field is 30ft long, then it takes 3 seconds max to reach one side?? Wow!!

But, if this is not linear motion but rotational motion then the speed would be relevent to the radius of the wheel or whatever right?

Ok, so since I suck at math… Someone find out what circular speed a 3.5 inch caster would be with a 10 ft/sec linear motion applied!

if im right, ~37.4rpm

Where do we buy these casters Home Depot dosn’t have anything close serial #s on bins aren’t anywhere near. :confused:

Team !! 236 !! Techno Ticks!! now dance!!

amen to that TACO BELL FETCH THAT FOOD makes bell noise

Eh, well, we are on the home stretch now, but I have decided to post these anyway. They have to add up to something other than what we are already somewhat confident in. The chances that our guesses here are correct are about as good as flipping 12 pennies and having them all landing on heads… in the grand scheme of things, thats not bad!

…taco bell’s going to be busy tonight.


Send me a taco…no sour cream, tho…and how bout some nachos too?

Tacos sound good. Just not from Taco Bell, okay? :cool: