Low-Cost trailer drawings? (was: Trailer)

Does anyone know how to cheaply build a trailer for testing? Right now we have the parts list for the actual trailer as specified by FIRST and not only does it seem overly complicated, the cost of it will be somewhere around 300 dollars.

I’ve seen teams have built trailers already, is there anyone that could give us some insight as to how this was done?

Have you looked at the Team Drawings, rather than the Official* FIRST* Drawings? They usually give a lower cost version of the field (etc.) that is a good approximation to the real field (etc.)


Edit: Additionally, perhaps you can talk to local suppliers about your team and see if they’d like to support your team by donating some of the supplies?

We are working on the ultra-cheap. Ultra-cheap as in free (as in without buying anything). So one of the members has leftover PVC, and then we cut a circle out of plywood, and we are going to put a set of skis on it, with a plywood hitch.

Now that’s cheap.:slight_smile:

We have basically no funds, thanks to the stupid border:mad: ARRRRRRRRG!