Low-Friction Green Tape?

Hi all

We’re looking for some tape to cover some wheels we have to reduce friction.

They are AndyMark 4" Hi-Grip Wheels, and we’ve been covering them in blue painters tape to reduce the friction/grip so that the robot doesn’t bounce when it turns.

We’re looking to get green tape since it is our school color and were wondering… we’ve found a few green tapes on amazon. I’d imagine a masking tape of the right color would be optimal since masking tapes texture most closely matches painters tape… However, would any of these tapes be similar?

We’re not positive if Duct Tape is more or less friction-y than Painter tape; I’d imagine more. Additionally, is vinyl more or less slippery, or kinda rough?

Keep in mind, this is for FTC!! I’m sure if you read this far thinking it was for FRC you’d chew me out for putting tape all over our wheels, but no that’s not the case :rolleyes:


Have you looked at the AM 4" stealth wheel? It has lower traction than the hi-grip, and it has rounded edges. I think it might help with your turning problem.

Also, you really should look into the theory of how scrub-steer drivetrains turn. There is an excellent paper on that in CD Media, put there by Chris Hibner more than ten years ago.

If this is the sole purpose, then wrapping zipties around the wheel perpendicular to the wheel will work at least as nicely as tape.

Personally, I’d just buy omni wheels. You want a wheel that is easier to slide side to side, and that’s exactly what an omni wheel is. It has the added bonus of making it harder to defend you.

That said, we’ve had fine results with using duct tape. I’d probably put it as more slidey than painters tape, as it has a glossier finish. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Automotive masking tape made by 3m is green in color if you really want to go the tape route. It is a little pricey, but definitely cheaper than new wheels.

You can buy it at most auto parts stores and I know that locally most places that carry a duplicolor paint section will have it as well.

I have purchased green painter’s tape at the local True Value hardware store. Should be available in your area.

Here is my $0.02 advice, most of the tapes start tearing apart depending on the robot weight. If your FTC robot is light weight they probably would work. Samething with Zip ties, but they are little better. Last FRC season we had tread peeling off, we used zip tie as temp solution did did not stand for 2 minutes. If you have 6 wheel bot, you can drop center wheels by 1/16" and see if it works. Many FRC 6 wheel bots have this.

The green painters tape we purchased is not the right shade of green, and we can’t find the right one anywhere.

Our robot is light, which is why we’ve been doing it and it works.

It is a 6 Wheel robot, but having a 1/16" drop is more difficult in FTC where the channels are already made a certain way and whatnot. Not saying it can’t be done, but I’m not sure if the hassle is worth it to not only MAYBE achieve it, but also butcher two expensive channels when tape has worked for us just fine.

  1. Try FrogTape. It should be close, based on your school’s website background colors.
  2. I tried following your team link to see what your school colors were and got this:

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  1. We actually have frog tape, its too neon-y
    The green we’re looking for is that of the school specialty tape i linked in the op.

  2. Yeah we haven’t been keeping up well with the website :rolleyes:

If you can find green flashbreaker tape, that might do the trick. It’s also neon-y, but not as bad as, say, frog tape. And as for being low friction… Don’t walk on carpet if you’ve covered the soles of your shoes with it. I handle the stuff quite a bit–it’s pretty sticky but not badly, and if you decide to remove it, it doesn’t leave much of a residue unless it’s being exceptionally stubborn.

Finding it might be a little tricky, though. http://www.shop3m.com/3m-polyester-tape-8403-green-2-in-x-72-yd.html?WT.z_bynt=1 is the closest I can find quickly.