Low Goal Scoring

For all teams thinking about low goal scoring what steps are you taking to ensure your bot will be able to score in the low goal consistently especially in autonomous?

It seems to me that there may be a problem with a wide base pickup bot if the intake mechanism doesn’t extend all the way to the edge of the robot as the goal is up against the edge of the field. Does this seem a legitimate concern?

Our bot is a little wider than it is long and our low goal scorer fits in the side. If we hadn’t gone that route, we would have probably used a gyro to turn the bot the few degrees it needed to score in the goal.

Low Goal scoring focused teams can just roll the ball into the low goal to score, but they need to worry that if the other robots on the team are bricks they can only score one point, so they need to be able to throw the ball into the high goal.

Although we haven’t tested this with a robot, from playing around with the low goal on the official field at the Manchester Kickoff, and from what I have heard from other teams, you absolutely can NOT just plan to roll the ball into the high goal. First of all, the rumors I have heard seem to all agree: it is really difficult to push the ball in front of you without some sort of device to guide the ball. And with the recent team update, a defender can now just knock the ball away from you if you aren’t actively controlling it. Then, when you get to the low goal, I have found that the lip is too high to just push the ball over it. So beware of just rolling the ball into the low goal.

Having rolled a ball at a wooden low goal, the ball will not simple roll in. The ball can, however, be pushed in with bumpers.

We did extensive testing and it will NOT just roll in! We have designed our pickup to be able to pickup balls, reverse and roll it to others, and also roll it into the 1pt goal.

We built the low goal and tested with un-powered chassis. You’re correct; the ball will not roll into the low goal (at any speed); it deflects off the lip. You can push it in straight-on but takes some force and bumper height matters.