Low hub robots to model strategy after

Who is a good low hub robot you have seen in competition this year?

Trying to find a good example to learn from their matches.


  • tank drive

  • pickup and dump style scoring (not a shooter) from the fender like the Everybot

  • have watched a lot of 4481 but they also can shoot high (excellent!) but their patterns what we want

  • have not seen a really good Everybot in matches I have watched (most I have watched don’t perform as well as the 118 video) but I am sure there are some out there who have done well in competition…I just do know where to find them

Have you seen something live that I can find on video?



4607 puts up 18 Low Goals in this match.

4607 also puts up 14 Low Goals in this match primarily from the far side of the field.

For the first linked video, the gameplan was to have both of our alliance partners do their Traversal climbs relatively early in the match to lock them in. 4607 cycled near side of the field until it was empty, and then cycled far side of the field when there was a high concentration of Cargo there. This helped our cycling efficiency quite a bit. This was just the second match we cycled low after switching from cycling high so we take 22 shots and miss a few of them.

In terms of a playoff low goal strategy to emulate I think the second match I linked is a good one… the concept was for the low goal scorer (4607) to play the far side of the field while the high goal scorer (876) played the near side of the field. The theory was that 4607 would play defense while retrieving the “harder” Cargo and effectively feed our high goal scorer through the Lower Hub. Playing the far side of the field obviously slowed down 4607’s cycling, but it also slowed down the entire opposing alliance since there were 4 robots on that half of the field at any given time.

The strategy worked well overall. It enabled our alliance with one high goal scoring robot to beat two good alliances with multiple high goal robots on our way to the finals.


5535. Tough little robot, built like a Mack truck.

Lots of low goal cargo in this MISJO Quarterfinal match.


wow. left some points on the table too. I guess it kinda evens out because they were scoring pretty uncontested but still.

2190 in South Florida was an every bot and we thought they were pretty good:

Data may not be 100% accurate, it was our scouts first event but it passes the eye test.

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Here are the top 25 teams ranked by their calculated contribution to the lower hub cargo count:

team Number Event teleop Cargo Lower
166 NE District Pine Tree Event 15.27
4481 South Florida Regional 13.58
172 NE District Pine Tree Event 12.86
4068 Arizona North Regional 12.27
2930 PNW District Glacier Peak Event 11.91
1257 FMA District Mount Olive Event 11.81
4130 FIM District Rochester Event presented by Aptiv 11.78
1676 FMA District Bridgewater-Raritan Event 11.46
8426 FIM District Milford Event presented by GM Proving Grounds 11.19
5084 FIM District Kettering University Event #1 10.94
3042 Northern Lights Regional 10.79
131 NE District Granite State Event 10.64
4131 PNW District Glacier Peak Event 10.59
6120 FIM District Rochester Event presented by Aptiv 10.54
3737 FNC District ECU Event 9.89
3035 FIT District Channelview Event 9.74
4564 NE District Pine Tree Event 9.59
2638 Finger Lakes Regional 9.47
5827 PNW District Glacier Peak Event 9.39
340 Finger Lakes Regional 9.36
5490 FMA District Mount Olive Event 9.35
467 NE District Granite State Event 9.19
2190 South Florida Regional 8.94
2980 PNW District Glacier Peak Event 8.92
4182 Northern Lights Regional 8.71

Unfortunately a lot of the top ones don’t have match video on TBA. Besides 4481, 1676 looks like the highest on this list with a clear full-field view on TBA.


I agree the strategy to cycle low goal far side while alliance members scored high on near side worked well the only thing to note is that if you are picking up cargo and scoring on the opposite side of the field keeping your intake up is huge especially since there are more robots over there and as discussed on other threads they are not shy to give penalty’s for intakes.

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131, 166, 4564. Three great low goal robots who put up some great scores at a pace that’s hard to beat!



I know that we did 22 cargo in our first quarterfinal match


Is this based on week 2 or all time?

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Week 1 and week 2 excluding New York Tech Valley, Oklahoma, and Greater DC Event 1 Day 1


Just to add some insight to our run at St. Joe, here’s our breakdown post-comp. Biggest flaw in our design is the wrist being sloppy/gears breaking after running a lot. Once we get that nailed down, our ends should hopefully be better.


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