Low-Rider Robots

Our robot has about a quarter of an inch of clearance. I don’t have a digital camera to show you our wheel mounts, but right now they’re up so high than we can flip the bot upside down and it’ll still move.

Is your robot a low-rider?

121 is riding wicked low this year with about .25" ground clearance as well…

Check out lots of pictures at http://www.joemenassa.com/Robotics05.html


I’d think you’d almost have to be a low rider for this game if you plan on stacking more then one tetra at a time or plan on stacking pretty high…unless you like getting tipped or can prove otherwise. I think we’re planning on having less then 3" of clearance, but i am not 100% for sure.

Then again, I have no mechanical design ability…im sure someone will prove my statement wrong :rolleyes:

It depends on counter weights and that type of thing, but this year, the lower the better for most teams. I think we might be riding pretty low. Btw, Are you allowed to have pneumatic lifts on wheels? (think bouncing robot…) Jusy out of curiosity

will anyone go under .2"?

But having more ground clearance might prove useful for other things. :wink:

I wouldn’t think so because thats about the point that welds or bolt heads start rubbing on the carpet and various other field debris.

Just a quick tip on the .25 " ground clearance…the loading zones are .25" HDPE

Team 662’s bot can now be classified as a “low rider”. As you can see in the pic, it’s barely off of the ground, we’re probably going to put larger wheels on, just because the slightest bump in the carpet could beach the thing. But even after we raise it a bit, it’ll still be pretty low to the ground.

In a game like this year’s tipping is going to be a serious issue, so the lower the center of gravity, the less vulnerable you are.

we have enough clearance so we can drive over the base of the goals

I was just wondering, is there a difference with ground Clarence when using wheels or treads? I have seen some bots that use treads with really low ground Clarence and some with high ground clearance.

ground clearance is soley determined by the designer… tracks can be high and low, as well as wheels… jst think of how you can take the same car and either jack it up a foot or so, or drop it down on the ground… same principle, just that the robot is designed to do that in the beginning, and you dont have to take a torch to the springs…

ours is variable and the lowest i believe is 3/16.

There is a time at the end of the game when a certain clearance is needed. If your paired with 2 other low riders, your aliance is going to have a problem.

not unless there is a part on the robot to lift the low rider up…

I believe our ground clearance is around an inch. We would go either a little lower or a little higher (to drive in goals) but the ground clearance is dictated by our wheel size and frame design which is dictated by our gearbox output speed. We did some real world tests and we feel that on a flat playing field, the CG does not have to be quite as low as we thought to remain stable. So, an inch it is.

We have about 1.5" to 2" inches of ground clearance. Just enough to get over the goal bases. We’re not sure if we’ll need that clearence but i think its better safe than sorry. Of course for pushing you’ll be pushing against something with a ground clearence of .25 or higher depending on how hard you push.

Anybody have an anti-tip mechanism :smiley: We are going to try and use the accelerometer to automatically deploy “wheelie bars” if we are tipping a certain angle. We want to use probably pretty big pistons for this though and were heavy as it is :smiley:

Our robot’s drivetrain and wheels were inspired by team 121’s low-riding colson wheels. We also have 4" wheels, which puts our chassis at about .25 inches of clearance. The problem is that the chassis bolt heads stick down about another .125 inches, this means that we cannot clear the HDPE loading zones.

Team 121: do you guys have .25 counting those bolt heads?

currently we are running a two wheel drive. On the front we have 4" omniwheels and on the back we have the 8" skyway wheels that we lifted up to match the clearance of the omnis.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this will perform? We’re going to do our first carpet test of this drivetrain tomorrow. I’m planning on putting some pictures up soon.

Yeah, our arm. Actually, it really depends on what drivetrain we want to pick (yes, I know its week 4, apparently we’re building 3 different drives…). But if it’s the kit bot, we have an anti tip mechanism which is essentially a set of outriggers powered by the window and van door motors.

And, about 2" of clearance – it can be reduced though.