Lower goal?

Lets call FIRST and request that they lower the goals down about a foot or so?

Please don’t post these types of topics. It’s an engineering challenge and one that is challenging. They will not change the challenge for anyone. I don’t think they have ever changed anything that significant about the competition. Now go out there and build yourself an arm.:slight_smile:

Hey dude
You somethings you just have a got LAUGH about a thread. life is to short not to laugth about something that is meant to be a joke. Duh – now do you get

our arm is almost done

laughs softly Yes! Let’s do so! Actually, our bot may be more on the defensive side. We may not wrry about designing an arm, we don’t know quite yet!

Oh, and there is no T in laugh. ^^;;

Thanks for seeing eye to eye with me about something

And lets ask them to make the tetras weigh only one pound. I can think of plenty of things we can ask FIRST. Is there a petiton somewhere I can sign?


I understand you were trying to make a joke…but only after reading your second post. There was nothing in your first post to signify it was a joke and this is the reason it was taking the wrong way originally. We all joke around on here at times but we make sure people know that in our posts in some way so that people don’t take things the wrong way. There are 6000+ people on this forum which means there’s also 6000+ different points of view which translates into a lot of chances for things to be taken the wrong way.

P.S. My intention isn’t to single you out, and I was going to PM you but I decided to post this as a reminder for everyone. If you’re going to post a joke try looking at it from a different angle or point of view before you post it and see if there’s a possibility it could be taken differently from what your intention was. Also make sure we can tell it was intended as a joke from the start. :slight_smile:

I understand that alot people use this site. BUT way to many people are taking a JOKE to seriously. AND i honesty don’t care how some people like me or not. If you like me Great it not leave me alone