Lower hub Shoot

Hi, I’m reading the rules and have a question, have you read a rule that says we can’t shoot cargo to the lower hub? and if there isn’t a rule, you think that is possible and workable?

Haven’t read a rule that said you couldn’t shoot into the low goal, though I don’t know if it would be viable since shooting from a distance lowers the accuracy compared to dumping it straight in. Also because the height of the low hub to the bottom of high hub is not that tall

Section 6.4.1

A CARGO is scored in an UPPER or LOWER HUB if it passes through the top horizontal opening of the UPPER or LOWER HUB and passes through the sensor array, and the points awarded for that CARGO are assigned based on when the CARGO passed through the sensor array

It doesn’t say how it passed through the top horizontal opening of either Hub. Just that it happened.

Honestly, I think the lower hub shot will be better than a high hub shot for most teams.
The low hub shot can be “lobbed” in by positioning against a fender. Even if you shoot from a bit farther out, there is the plastic chain to dampen the excess energy. The high hub has no such dampener, the guide is questionable, and the chance of the CARGO bouncing out of the goal is significantly greater. The UPPER HUB agitator is designed to return the ball in 7 seconds, the LOWER HUB agitator in 5 seconds. At the end of the day, most teams will likely find low goal shooting to be more productive than high goal shooting. See this topic for more detail: Every team should seriously consider the low goal this year


If you play the sim not true they can be equally valid once you dial in the angle

Unfortunately, the sim does not perform exactly the same as in real life, however, if you can be just as accurate/fast in the high goal this is true. In the sim, the low goal is essentially irrelevant, however irl this may not be true.

The SIm does give some truth, I am convinced there is a spot and angle to hit both High and Low with equal accuracy and time

What do you mean with “sim”?

Simulator which is available for PCs or headsets. If teams don’t do Sims, they will not know unless they duplicated the field

My bad here, I thought you were referencing the xRC sim (video game basically) I’m assuming the VR/AR sims are much more accurate then

Rule 106 states: “ROBOT height…may not exceed the maximum STARTING CONFIGURATION height (4 ft. 4 in.” A lot of the robots in the game animation clearly violate that height restriction, when dropping balls into the lower hub, unless the rule is, once the game has started the robot can extend to any height, as long as it’s outside of it’s hanger. It could even extend to the upper hub. Is that the way others read it?

No. The only time a robot may be taller than 4ft 4in is any part of its bumpers are in its HANGAR ZONE (G106). As always (at least since I’ve been watching them), the game animation is misleading at best.

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