Lower Hudson Valley Offseason Event

Team 5123 will be hosting the Hudson Valley Rally offseason event for the second year at the Yonkers Police Athletic League in Yonkers, NY. Currenty in the process of scheduling, the event will be held in the fall, most likely in early October. Would Monday, October 9 (Columbus Day) be a viable date for teams to attend? If not, what alternative dates in October are preferred?

For any further inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

I would expect for most teams any weekday would be a problem for an off season event. Most mentors work and Columbus day is not a holiday for many.

NRG4055 would like to attend again this year but a Saturday or Sunday would be preferred, leaning more toward Saturday. Any weekend date would work for us right now.

As swootton said, that long weekend might not be a great date. Sat/Sun would work best. The weekend after would be the October SAT testing administration (just like last year’s June date lol). October 21-22?

Also, if you have a gauge on the registration fee that’d be great. School ends soon and I’d like to make sure we have enough funds + set up next year’s budget before we leave.

Just a quick update.
I was speaking to Mike Gentry, the person in charge of Bash at the Beach which is another event we normally attend. They usually have the event one of the first two Saturdays in October but may push it back to September 30th due to your event and conflicts with our team attending both. Expect to be contacted by him to try and co-ordinate not having the event on the same date. We would love to attend both events, I would agree October 21 or 22 would be good. Saturday is always the preferred day.

Thanks for asking for suggestions.

We are currently attempting to reschedule. The registration fee is not finalized yet, but expect around the $200-250 range.

As above ^ We’re currently attempting to reschedule to September 30 as well, because so many teams are unable to make it on the 9th.

Just heard back from the venue, we are confirmed for Saturday, September 30.

You can count NRG4055 in, we will be attending your event even if Bash is the same day. Looking forward to the event and the best food at any FIRST event we have attended.

Thanks Anish! It’s most probably a yes from us. I’ll confirm by the end of the week.

Ossining Engineering, team 4122 will definitely be attending!

Can’t wait to play with the “O-bots” again this year.


333 wants in.

Registration opens June 19 for all teams - the fee is $250, and there are only 24 spots available!

Do you have a link yet for the registration and time that registration will go live?

We plan on registering as soon as it opens! Can’t wait to see everyone there! Yonkers P.A.L. is the same venue as last year, right?

More information and registration can be found at hvr2017.eventbrite.com. Tickets go live at 12AM on June 19, but I’ll be making a CD thread as well around the same time.

Yes, same venue.

Super excited and I can’t wait to have all of you guys back again this September!