Lowering Airship Ladders While Lights are Purple

For those who missed it, in Semifinal 2 Match 2 of the Southern Cross Regional, Alliance 3 just got a red card and DQ-ed from the match (eliminating them from the competition since they lost SF2-1) after getting two yellow cards from both of their pilots climbing down the ladder of the airship while the field lights were purple. However, field reset lowered the ladders while the lights were still purple, which appears to be allowed as of now, and the head ref was perfectly following the current rules by issuing two yellow cards.

Personally I believe that the rule should be changed to prevent field reset from lowering ladders until the field lights are green, from both a safety and rational perspective. Leaving the rule as-is is just inviting more yellow/red cards and safety issues to happen, and for more students to be left crying on the field.