Lowering the speed of a motor threw a victor jaguar

How do we lower the speed for a motor using a victor jaguar. We are using this motor for a robotic arm. We are using LabView.
Thanks for your time

What do you mean you have a Victor Jaguar?

You only need one or the other, you don’t use both together.

Just a victor.

Then (I don’t know LabView) but give the Victor a different value. It should be something like -1 to 1, with -1 being full reverse, 1 being full forward.

Something like .5 would be half speed.

Depends on your control method, but you can multiply a Joystick axis value by a percentage (e.g., .9 or .75) before it goes into the Motor Set Output.
Then max power will be limited (e.g., to 90% or 75%).

Cut Motor Power.png

Cut Motor Power.png

Thanks for the advise. We will try it.


The two small wires on the victor I am assuming are to power the fan. Where would you recommend wring those. We were thinking they should be wired on the power side of the victor, but not sure.



You’ve got it. They wire into the power side of the Victor.
They should be on all the time keeping things cool whenever the robot is powered.