Lowest Budget??

Just curious to see how much money everyone had to work with. We had 9,000$ for our entire thing. That includes hotels, food, parts, and any other expenses. We placed really good, and had a good running robot at GLR, and cant afford to go anywhere else.

We only had the money given to us by FIRST (3500$ I believe)

Our team survived on $1,150 (other than initial FIRST costs)

Its good to know that not everyone is sponsered by GM and has tons of money to spend. We survive on the bare minimum. Theres no need to have a team of 50 people when only 8 of them did anything. Every member on our team actually did something witht the robot.

My 9,000 included the FIRST costs and everything. from the start of the robotics to the end.

I would say other than the $6,000 spent on the regional, we spent about $400 on the robot…And T-shirts, hotels, etc. the students pay for themselves.

Perhaps this isn’t the place for teams to discuss their financial status. Some people get very touchy on this issue and it often times leads to big arguements over why some teams get so much money or why they can share with less forturnate teams etc…

I understand the intentions of the thread but to prevent people from getting upset at each other and to prevent possible unwanted disclosure of team expenses, I say that this thread should be closed.

I’m only trying to look out for everyone. :]

I appreciate your point, and encourage long-running 'net groups to avoid any thread that recurs and causes more heat than light.

Having said that, hearing about teams with $50,000 budgets only increases my resolve to set up a Most Excellent fund-raising program. I see it as just another challenge for our students to overcome.

I think that you hit it right on the button. Everything is useful, even failure. The worst things are useful and things like low budgets, problems with teams or problems with regionals can be used as an example of things that need to be fixed. It all goes along with the school of thought that disfunctional things are functional. They teach us to work harder to make ourselves functional.

1023 started this year with a little left from last season and got a $2500 check from La-Z-Boy late in the buiild season (Feb 20th or something). We just got another $2500 check that we are saving for next year although we need $4000 to attend another regional. All the other money has been donated from small contributers or fundraised by the team. All team mebers/families pay out of pocket for hotel/food/flight to Atlanta and any other Regional event we attend. We make do with what we have and do very well (GLR Finalist), but we’re still trying to get other large sponors but we haven’t had much luck.

Well I know 1551 won the FLR Judges award for perseverance for raising $7,000 in a three year span. Here’s to hoping they won’t have to take another 3 years to raise funds to attend another regional.

We spent less than $850 on the robot, I am not sure how much we spent on hotels, air fare, bus fare, and other expenses.

This year our school picked up the cost of the entry fee. We picked up about 700 in donations from sponsors and some people. Within the past week some more money was donated to us and we recieved a $1000 grant to offset our travel expenses (hotel rooms were picked up by individuals)

The board of Ed paid for our entry fees for nationals, one regional, and like 2,000 bucks strictly for the build season (use it or lose it money)

Our biggest and to my knowledge only sponsor to donate money was Timken with like 500 bucks.

It dosen’t matter that we don’t have a flashy robot, cool carts, the best tools, or lots of computers. That didn’t stop us from building a regional winning robot.

Haveing 5-6 core kids building the robot and working everynight, advisors that learned from mistakes made in previous years, and knowing what works and what dosen’t is more important than 30-50k.

Each kid that was to participate had to raise $400 for our team if they wanted to go to the competitions. That is how we handled our cash. I managed to land Jacobs Engineering as our main sponsor again this year and get $10k. But most of our costs was travel, hotels, and event registration. We only spent about $500 on additional parts for our robot.
After the initial sign up, 60 or so kids going to 2 regionals, plus registration, the little bit extra for parts on the robot, it was projected around $30,000. But the team downsized to around 30, so it wasn’t that high. I don’t know what the final budget was.
And I would have to agree, having a good build group, and good advisors is definitely more important than having a ton of cash to throw at it.