Lowest Tower Strength

Does anyone know what the current record is for the final strength of the tower at the end of a match? If you don’t know, what is the lowest you’ve seen the tower? I’m just curious, as I have not seen every match of every event.

The lowest I’ve seen happened on Saturday at the Colorado Regional.

Colorado Regional Finals 2 (1619, 1011, 4550):
Final Tower Strength: -10
Autonomous: 1
Teleop: 17

I’m sure there are lower tower strength’s out there, but since I’ve only been focusing on the CHS District, I believe this is the lowest in our district:

Central Maryland - Chesapeake District Event. Qualification Match 45
Final Tower Strength: -6
AM: 1 Boulder
TO: 13 Boulders

Source: http://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2016/MDEDG/qualifications/45

Team 1305 along with 1241 and 1285 managed a - 7 tower score. 1 ball in auto and 14 in teleop.

Tech Valley Qual 49
Red alliance 359 3624 5254. (1 high in auto, 11 high in teleop, 4 low in teleop).
Tower Strength at -8.

Lowest I can recall, but I haven’t seen every match either.

Edit: Oh, wow, -10. Wow. Even if 8 of them were low, that’s… impressive as heck.

In qual 66 at Iowa, 5172, 1775, & 2164 also managed a -8 score. I thought that was the lowest it’s gotten, but -10 is insane, kudos.

WPI District Semi 2-2
14 -2’s

10-2’s by Team 126

Let’s go to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ8SY7KI4aQ

This is the lowest the tower has gotten so far at any event. Fun fact: the “-10” on the FMS overlay overlaps the white oval it’s meant to fit in!

Would you be willing to graph Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 in differenct colors or separate graphs?
I am curious about the possible trending.

So then will starting tower strength be changed for week 7 and championship events?

Is this what you had in mind?

I’m attaching an XLS instead of PNG so you can change the graph if there’s a better way to view it.

Weeks1thru4 Qual Match towerEndStrength.XLS (255 KB)

Weeks1thru4 Qual Match towerEndStrength.XLS (255 KB)

FIRST doesn’t usually change fundamental game mechanics, so I’m guessing they won’t. I could definitely see the tower health increase for post season events like IRI, though.

I would bet the game designers didn’t think teams would be scoring so many boulders in a single match. This is reminiscent of the game “Missile Command,” which could only show the last 6 digits of a score - so if you had a score of 2,650,000 you’d only see a score of 650,000.

Ahhh, good times.

They actually clearly state that they may do this. Per 3.1.4 Blue Box:
“As the season progresses, TOWERS may become fortified to increase
their starting STRENGTH. While the starting STRENGTH of a TOWER
will not change between weeks of Regional or District Competition
play, the starting STRENGTH of a TOWER may be changed for District
Championship and/or FIRST Championship play. Teams will be notified
of changes in the starting STRENGTH of a TOWER no later than the
scheduled Team Update prior to the date of the event.”

Very close, and very useful. I was really interested in the percentage of matches, by week that had been fully weakened and in theory would be ready to be captured:
St-----wk1---- wk2—wk3----wk4
x<0 2.65% 5.51% 9.15% 16.65%

Now to find out percentage of actual captures…

Also, is this data per alliance or per match. It looks to be per alliance.

Yes, per Alliance. Each match generates 2 scores (one for each alliance). The X axis of the graph is number of alliance scores.

Qual 61 at SVR had 18 goals scored for a -10 tower strength

All 18 were high goals :eek: