LSR Thank You.

The Lone Star Regional committee did a WONDERFUL job putting on the best competition this side of the Mississippi. From start to finish it was as organized and on schedule as could possibly be, and without them, how would we show the world that everything, including FIRST and Robotics, is big in Texas?

Also I would like to thank the volunteers. They did a wonderful job keeping the games going and make it possible for all of us to enjoy what the regional had for us to experience. Without you, we wouldn’t have a competition, and you are the people that keep us going.

I also want to thanks all of the teams that made this experience a blast. I feel that at Lone Star there is a “family bond” between the teams. No matter what happens, what the rivalries are on, when push comes to shove, everyone is there. From PWM cables, to batteries, to even helping rebuild a robot everybody, no matter what is happening, has a smiling face and is always there when you need them. Nowhere else can this bond be replicated and for that I have to personally thank all of the teams that attended.

Thank you and Godspeed.

I second every word, especially the family bonding part. No matter how it looked out on the field, I made some great friends from teams we competed against in the quarter and semi finals, as well as friends I had the pleasure of working with.

Thanks to all the referees, judges, volunteers, coaches, mentors and the announcer, who is never at a loss for enthusiasm, for making the 2007 Lone Star Regional an amazing experience for everyone there.

Thanks to the Robonauts (118), ULTIMATE (922), Purple Haze(418) and CRyptonite (624). They have inspired the AusTIN CANS (2158) team as role models and mentors (they also lent many parts and tools). Those teams and many more have been helping and will continue to build great partnerships in Texas and the Lone Star Regional. Especially, 118’s Houston Robotics, is a major factor in keeping Texas rookies from year to year !