LSR Videos?

Hi, I know this is extremely late, but I was wondering who has the LSR videos of this past season. I’m also wondering if they are going to be posted on TBA. I’m available to help with posting them if needed, just let me know how.


This is the last update I saw:

Kevin hasn’t been on chiefdelphi since around that time.

Ok. Thanks

Kevin has been busy planning his wedding. Hopefully when all that’s done, he will find some time to finish and post the videos.

LSR = Land Speed Racing? I’m at the Bonneville Salt Flats right now for speed week…here’s a video of an LSR studebaker going fast. It went 248 but blew the motor trying to back up the run for the record. Merlin 515 ci big block Chevy with two turbos and Mega Squirt fuel injection. Video by the guy who tuned the injection

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