LSR7 Scrimmage in KC

Team 6886 wants to thank the teams of the LSR7 alliance for hosting the scrimmage in KC. Allowing rookies like us to see how crowded the field is going to be and to have a pre-inspection done by a LRI is invaluable.

Our uninformed observations:

  1. Field is crowded. Chokepoints are worse than expected. If you have 2 teams trying to place in scale they need to be coordinated well or they will be in each others way.

  2. Cube scarcity will likely be an issue. The cycle times for portal/exchange/switch are fast. A good robot on the scales is faster than expected as well.

  3. The level of GP is off the charts. All the offers of help and providing some needed parts was over the top. Stopping the scrimmage to allow us to manually deploy our double ramps (waiting on piston from supplier) was very much appreciated.

Thanks again