LSSU 2016

I was wondering if anyone attended the Lake Superior State University event last year and has a video of qualification match 24. I was trying to find on on Blue Alliance but there is nothing . So if anyone has that video please let me know so I can show my team 247.

I checked youtube and the first in Michigan youtube channel and they don’t have official match video on the lssu playlist

I would reach out to whomever did AV for the event. In Georgia we record all the matches, although not every state does this.

How would i happen to do that?

Maybe contact the event coordination listed here.

And see if there was a local webcast, sometimes local cable access will broadcast carry the event.

Also looking at the team list, you may want to contact Frog force 503, as there scouting may have recorded some matches, or contact the other teams involved in the match in question to see if they have any footage.

I already checked :slight_smile:

We only recorded our own matches.

The reason why we want the footage is because we flipped ourselves over then un flipped ourselves and we also won the match