Lunch and things of the sort

M’s post on lunch and with myself being 10 minutes away from eating I just had this post idea:

Where / what do you eat for lunch?

Here at OHS juniors and seniors have open campus for lunch, and as long as you don’t forget your ID you can go, usually I hit Taco Bell, but occasionally we will all goto the local grocery store and buy like a whole chicken and food there and then bring it back to our study hall and eat there…Just was wondering! :smiley:

I go home and have my mom make me lunch :smiley:

Sometimes I go with clark, Kyle, and their infamous group of lunch people…that gets quite interesting at certain points… :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually go home for lunch and chat in Tigerbolt for the hour I have off but not today :frowning: My dad is taking my car to get new brakes as we type. Oh well - I’ll miss lunch today but at least I won’t have to worry about running off of the road during the lovely Wisconsin winter! :wink:

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Lunch? what’s that? i’m a poor college student i don’t have the luxury of three meals a day. /me salivates

I work 5 minutes away from home, so sometimes I go home. And sometimes my co-workers and I will head over to this place called Lake Anne and have lunch in one of the quaint little cafes there. But most of the time, like today, I just shut my office door, put my phone on Do Not Disturb and eat lunch at my desk while I play on the computer. The only problem with that is sometimes people ignore your closed door and come in to ask about work related issues.


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Cafateria 3. There are 3 cafaterias at our school.

i usually eat in my science research class, spanish, math, or computer science. depends on how hungry i am and if i have science/research that day. next year if me or a friend gets a car, i may go out, but it remains to be seen how far you can get in 30 minutes…

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**Lunch? what’s that? i’m a poor college student i don’t have the luxury of three meals a day. /me salivates **

Haha…what are you talking about. Well at least here I think its impossible to be a hungry college student, if you get the right meal plan at least. Sooo much good food here (basically everything you could think of, even sushi, I don’t eat it but its still cool they have it!) Fortunately I live on the top of a hill and walk everywhere so no freshman 15.

Well, What do I have for lunch? Every day if you ask anyone at my high school except some of the freshman they will tell you


because every day one of the two options is supposedly made with either Chicken or cheese. And the rest of you say you have it bad. The only time we have an open campus is during Mid-term and Final exams. Otherwise its chicken or cheese for me.

I skip all meals but dinner. yay for pizza, fast food, an anorexia! :slight_smile: (Anorexic…ha…I make up in pizza what I don’t eat during the week :P) Anyone ever have those zap-a-snack pizzas? I could finish off a box of those for dinner :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m no lightweight…)

yeah, I usually go home for lunch. I would rather go home and eat for free than waste money at mcdonalds or the like.

Heh. It would be a 30-45 minute drive to get to a restaraunt from my school :slight_smile: I hord my lunch money.

we have this little cafeteria like thing in my residence hall. it’s called PDQ…purdue dining quickly. they have all kinds of stuff, and you can get up to 6 items with your nifty little meal card…so everyday i get a salad, turkey sandwich, and a cup of pink lemonade. not too bad for college food. :slight_smile:

Our campus is closed prolly b/c their is only one fast food place within 5 minutes of us and right next to a hospital and our lunch breaks are only an hour…so I take my lunch to school…but when I’m too lazy to make my lunch (or sometimes my mom) I’ll buy it but the food isn’t that good…