Lunch with Andy Baker

Hello robot friends!

On Monday Andy and I started a video blog here at AndyMark. Each weekday during build season around lunch time for us, Andy is going to talk about several potential things. Current status of hot items, his opinions and comments regarding the game, game strategies, robot elements, a ton of other stuff or a combination of the above!

With the link below you can check out the playlist of the daily vlogs.

You can also subscribe to our channel “AndyMarkTube” to be notified when the next one is out.

Good luck teams!

Brett Heininger

Wow, this is awesome!

(I’ll watch only if Andy promises to not sing…)

EDIT: To clarify, I really like the videos and the topics Andy has discussed so far. One of them, later in the season, should wander into the warehouse a little more - we’d love to see it.

Or just get the cliff notes.

Andy isnt allowed to sing, or make jokes. :wink:
I’ll see what I can do about the warehouse.

The fact that this is a thing makes me far happier than it should.


This is too awesome :slight_smile:

Yet annother reason why, for real hipster content, you go to Tumblr.

Is this something actually updated by Andy Baker himself?

I will be checking these out.

Thanks again to Brett for coming to QC Kickoff and to Andy for letting him bring some toys.

No, the tumblr is not put together by Andy.

Glad I could come and hang out! Ohio is a nice place. :smiley:

The tumblr was a surprise, put together by a friend who may want to remain nameless.

This may be a good place to take requests or to answer questions regarding any topic (the more trivial, the better) or background item seen in any of the “Lunch” videos. So, let us know if you have any requests or questions.

Brett is doing a good job with these, and we look forward to putting them together every day.