Dear FIRST members,
I have purchased two new sonar sensors, from MaxBotix,
that I plan to test and submit a white paper for information. The sonar sensors have an analog output
so interfacing to the FRC controller should be very simple vs using an interrrupt based structure. The sensors are relatively inexpensive at $29.95 / piece with small quantity discounts also available.:smiley:

I bought one of these last spring. I haven’t found a good use on our robot this year, but these are great sensors.

I was able to get the sensor to track an object when it was mounted on a servo. If I can find the code I will post it.

If I remember right it had ~1 inch resolution from ~10’’-10’. Overall a great sensor for the price.

Hi Eric,
My current plan is to use the camera to get near the spider feet in autonomous and then switch over to the sonar sensor to fine turn the robot’s position from the spider foot. By positioning one ultrasonic sensor at the middle spider foot and a second ultrasonic sensor at the bottom
foot, I should be able to get the robot positioned within
inches of our desired position. Pretty cool, I think!

I will post data on using the sensor to detect the spider foot and may even test with a paper housing around the
sensor to see if that helps the sensor to find the spider foot even better. I hope the sensor’s arrive before Saturday, so I can work with the students on showing them how to run
a calibration study.