LVMastery is shutting down

*FWIW. Just received the following email:


You are receiving this email because you are a valued LVMastery customer or have signed up for a free trial on

For nearly 6 years, LVMastery has been providing you with video-based LabVIEW training.
We wanted to inform you that we not updating the material further, and will be shutting down the website shortly.

Enable Integration, the company behind LVMastery, is a Silver Alliance Partner of NI.

We work with customers large and small to assist them integrating NI Hardware and LabVIEW.
Check out our reviews and profile at

As a valued customer an supporter over the years, we wanted to offer you a FREE code review.

For more information, or to take us up on this offer, please follow this link and fill in the form.

Thanks again,

Ben Zimmer, President

That is a terrible shame. I learned LabVIEW there and I consider it one of the best ways of learning LabVIEW for FRC. The videos were a bit older, but still very informative.


Honestly, I could not do a better job of introducing students to LabVIEW than what was available on LVMastery. I regularly pointed new students to that site to start the learning process. There is going to be a huge hole in the Universe with LVMastery shutting down.

That’s a real shame. LVMastery was a great site for learning Labview in a hands on, follow along kind of way. It helped me immensely 6 years ago.

I do hope, that those videos, while old and a little dated will be still be available somewhere on the net. I’d still like to be able to refer back to them for reference.

I really hope someone saved them for curriculum purposes and puts them on Youtube. Those videos helped me so much in my first year!

This is the website that I learned labview from also. I think it is unfortunate that it is going away. Really hands on learning is the way to go for teaching students. Great run though.

would they be willing to allow me to archive their material? Sending emails now.

Apparently I can’t send an email directly to them. Does someone have their contact info?

We collaborated with them on that effort. I just emailed Ben to see what’s up. Once upon a time I had copies of all the videos, but I can’t host them without formal approval since we don’t own them. I’m not even sure I still have them archived.

I just got a follow up email from them. They will still have the lessons available on their blog and youtube.

In terms of the content, the best 42 snippet videos have been shifted to our blog and YouTube channel so you’ll still be able to access them. Please see the links below.

The unedited/original content will be productized and sold via app or DVD at some point in the near future and I will let you know when that happens.

I don’t see any of the FRC specific video yet, so I have another email in. It would be spectacular if FIRST could purchase the rights to those videos and distribute them with the kit of parts.

*Thanks for looking into this Tom.

Ok, I just talked with them again. FRC Mastery will remain in place. Only the LVMastery items are being moved to youtube and the blog.

Thanks to Enable Training and Ben Zimmer for continuing to support FIRST. FRCMastery is a tool I regularly direct new teams toward to learn LabVIEW.

Thanks to all. FRCmastery has been my first choice for training, although there are many other good choices now.

Does anyone know why shows up as a “Reported attack page” and has anyone else had this trouble?


Does anyone know why shows up as a “Reported attack page”

see attachment