M.a.r.c. 2019


Please note that we will be conducting 2 events this year!

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Registration now open for Destination Deep Space this Summer at MARC


Who do we contact to sign up to volunteer? I’m not sure if I can do both but I’ll certainly come down for one!


We are still putting the people together. I should know who is coordinating the volunteers soon and will forward the information on as I get it.



So things are moving along with the summer MARC’s but you really need to see what is planned for the team social event for both of these off season competitions. Please go to the MARC website to get the specific details on the Splash Universe Party that’s planned.

BYBS (bring your bathing suits!)


Am I missing the link to the website in this thread?


It was in the original post,
Sorry for any confusion.


How often will the team roster be updated? Is it as soon as a team is confirmed or every once in a while?


The team list should updated as the teams register. Is there an issue?


No, more just interested about seeing the teams as they join, thank you!