M.A.R.S. Team 4004 2019 Code Release

You can find our complete 2019 code at this repo. Also in this repo, you will find our vision tracking algorithm we implemented using a Jevois Camera. We utilized Eagle Force, team 2073’s calibration script to find the right HSV values (makes it a lot easier than guessing :grinning:), and hand wrote an implementation of the line intersect method of tracking targets in python (similar to the one used in the Limelight.)

At this repo, you can find our 2019 offseason code. This consists mainly of a pure pursuit path generator and a 2 dimensional swerve drive simulator, along with a labview program to parse the paths generated by said program. I also threw in a simple data augmentation script we made for use in Deep Learning.


^And this is why I keep doing this program year after year. Kids like this. He doesn’t like to brag, but this boy wrote all this code BY HIMSELF AS A 10TH GRADER. No mentor intervention (mainly because we can barely understand everything he keeps doing), but pure research and development over countless hours.

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