M-in-M's EASY Question of the Day has returned!

Metal-in-Motion’s EASY Question of the Day has returned – and this season we resume our DAILY format! Be first to answer our daily question and win a great prize package. Each individual can win only once each season…so we need new experts to step forward daily.

The categories include FIRST, history of robotics, science and technology, the Internet, and anything else as we get desperate to think of new and interesting questions. Our goal is to make our questions fun, interesting, educational, and (generally) somehow relevant to FIRST. We want this to be a valuable experience - a fun, entertaining, and educational activity for all FIRST team members.

Want to see 40 sample questions and answers from the 2002 season? Click here for sample questions and answers.

Want to see who won? Check out this “Who’s-Who of FIRST” list of previous winners.

What prizes can you expect? Although we can’t guarantee the exact prize package for this season, check out this list of previous prizes.

We look forward to hearing from each of you! Help your team place number 1 in our contest and we’ll try to have a team prize also!

Let the contest begin! Check daily for some great questions and even better answers!

Team 343

I just took a stab at the first question. I remember the questions from 2002, some were not so easy, but it was still fun.

Here’s to another season of interesting questions!


Great job, Wetzel! You answered both parts within a few minutes of them being posted – we’ll have your winner’s shirt (and hopefully other prizes) ready to be presented in Atlanta.

We’re going to leave the robot/computer name part open for a more complete answer from someone else, which ought to be super easy since you gave the partial name.

The answers are always better than the questions, as demonstrated by your post. We especially like to hear “the rest of the story”. A new question will appear each day – as long as there is sufficient interest and participation!

The answer to tomorrow’s question should provide a very valuable piece of information for web-page teams and ALL students. I’m sure lots of you already know the answer, which makes it an EASY question. But just in case you haven’t heard, check our web page tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to have lots of interaction and participation through our contest.

Team 343

Hey all! The fun continues. Today’s question must be tough, I haven’t seen an answer posted yet! You could be the next winner!!! Go to www.metalinmotion.com and try your luck!

Have a blast!

Today we have posted the 10th question in the 2004 series and we are grateful to all who have participated in the contest and to those who have simply read the questions.

Even though some of the questions are not so easy, the brain power brought to bear by Chief Delphi readers is always amazing.

Be sure to check the answers. They are often much better than the questions. Don’t hesitate to add a comment to a question that has already been answered!

Question number 5 has not been answered as of this this posting, but I’ll bet that will not be the case for long as I bring it to your attention.

Our contest can be found at http://www.metalinmotion.com

I have attached a list of our winners as of this posting.



I noticed that the MiM web page now has a live webcam! Check out www.metalinmotion.com.

does any one know what the prize package is for this and where to pick it up in georgia.

Where is the question located on the page?

Thanks for your interest in the Metal In Motion EZ Question of the day.
The question pool ran out several weeks ago. We stopped about the time regional competition began. Those who correctly answered the various questions were notified that they were winners. Prizes can be picked up at the Metal In Motion (Team 343) pit area at the Championship matches this coming week.
If somone won, and is not able to attend, send an e-mail to the [email protected] address and arrangements will be made to mail the prize.
Be sure and tune in next winter when we will probably do it again.
Oh! Most of the answers and questions can be found on the MiM discussion board. Check it out with the link found on the main page.
Good luck to all teams this year.