M12 Game Thread

who is modding during regular season

PM me or Orange to get on it, it’s on the Mafia hub

What is regular season

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Are you part of the mafia planning committee?

@EricKline is the main planner. Ask him.

Anyone interested in modding, please read the guides linked here

Whenever I disappear for a bit there always seems to be some new authority in place so I don’t know anything about any of it

like me @EricH and @JKBear331 are the schedulers

PM @EricKline about it

Oh I see an @EricKline

You can also PM me or Quack.
The people you can PM or PING to get your game added to the que are
Also anyone who wants to mod regular season can. It just means you will not get player ranking points you will get mod ranking points if those are a thing. The main thing that changes is the naming scheme

well we need to get @darth_tabor into a part of the planning committee. Do you want to @darth_tabor?

Mafia Congress is still the sole party in charge

We are simply trying out new ideas, like a season, and rankings.

Speaking of which weren’t elections suppost to be elections in november, (or was it december I don’t remember)

oh we are doing re elections?

I thought we were just staying with the same people

Hmm when was the last one?

I suppose so.

no subteam leads are stll staying the same. I was talking about the main people above the subteam leaders

yea the congress. I know

I mean we don’t do much honestly. I think we have made 1 rule