M12 Game Thread



did you miss me

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Just wondering if there was any flavour or game themes that would would prefer to have for this game.


Considering it’s a Town of Salem setup, how about something to do with the salem witch hunt?



I’ll see if I wake up from a Beach Blitz tiredness session in time to comment near beginning of day.

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Hey Mafia!
I’ve got a free “leaked game manual” for you if you’ll come out now!
Hah! Beat you @EricKline!

Oh wait the game hasnt started yet

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Here this might help

Please save all game play for the days in the game (will start in a few hours)


I am all 3

I don’t believe that because I am all 3.

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Day 1 flavor

A group of political advisers strolled into the small town, they were their on the business of some misdemeanors that has been rumored to have taken place. The three names of quin JKbear331 and mika1820 addressed the small group gathered in town square for their arrival. Many members of the group were not present in this cordial meeting they included @SergeantSpork5853, @Bepwei, @OroArmor, @Mr.Mascot, @orangeandblack5, @Mink, @hopelessdiamond2412 (you all have either not been active or have not confirmed)

In their absence the rest of the town discussed the presents of the advisers in their town and why these fine individuals were not going to leave until a solution is met no matter the cost that would put on the town if it fell into the wrong hands.

Some of the notables present in this greeting was the old timer @erich, the always attentive @squirrel2412, and @typeusernamehere being his usual self (complaining about his company graphics). What was remotely discussed in their small groups and as a group at large with the developments presented to them would be disclosed to the overseers in do time.

Start talking figure out who the mafia is

Day ends 2019-10-16T03:00:00Z

I know this is early but I have lunch now so you have an extra bit of time

And I know what your role really is. All Mods are Mafias

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dang i was gonna try and be first post

did the game start yet?


oh ok

might as well ask what @EricKline always does

if any mafia would like to step up I will buy then send you a 107 shirt