M18x1.0 for Allen Bradley 42EF-D1MNAK-A2

We have these sensors on hand but we don’t have the nut to hold it to a bracket.
These large, thin and fine thread metric nuts are not easy to find, at least we haven’t found any yet in Ottawa.

Does anyone know where we can get some shipped to Ottawa?


Automation Direct have them:


But you might give OttawaFastenerSupply a call. They’re a great resource for you, but they might not carry this particular nut.



Thanks. Much appreciated. We called Ottawa Fastners and he said they never heard of this combination of size-thread, but we might go and pay them a visit in person.

I saw automationdirect this morning and it might be an option but I didn’t go through the checkout to find out the shipping cost and delivery time.

We bought some cheap M18 sensors off ebay the other day. It’s a fairly common size for replicas of popular retroreflective and inductive sensors. Amazon might yield results for those, and you’ll even get a free nut with the sensor!