hi does anyone know what type of pinion would go on the mabuchi motor?

I’ll start off with a warning: Please check me on this. I do not have the motors in front of me, but I’m pretty sure that the following is true:

The Mabuchi motor included in the 2002 kit is the same motor that was supplied with the FP assemblies last year, just without a pinion. If this is true, I would have a hard time finding fault with anyone who used last year’s motor and pinion on this year’s robot. I will check this out tomorrow and make another post.

Otherwise, you just need to find or make a pinion that can be attached to the Mabuchi output shaft. I think the pinion supplied with the FP motors is a 16Tooth, 32 Diametral Pitch, 20 deg. Pressure angle. Something similar (or identical) to this should work fine.

Good Luck,