Mac DWG Viewer

Hey everyone,

I know there are some enlightened computer users floating around on ChiefDelphi, and it seems statistically likely that some of them have AutoCAD files they can’t open. So, here is a link to an article on Architosh about a new DWG viewer for Mac:

Product page
Company page



ooh! excellent! now i can safely chuckle at my XP using buddies :wink:
by the by, iBar is amazing, i just downloaded it a few days ago and i love it! great work

Why thank you! You’re lucky you caught it when you did, because I just sold it to a company in Seattle (I still get to develop it, though), and it’ll be re-released as shareware and under the name “Euphony” sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Dave :smiley:

for all of you who cant open autocad on a mac…try getting Viso view…

It will open ANY cad file as a a read-only/printable file and is mac compatable

Autodesk was suppose to release a viewer for free about 2 years ago.

However they never did. :mad: