Mac users: Running a draft display?

Alright, so one of the annual things in Preston life is the selection of rooms for the following year. All of the folks coming back have a nice big to-do about plotting, scheming, and getting the good rooms with roommates they like. (Remember, kids: the room they show you on the campus tour is usually the good room. Expect for yours to be much smaller. :wink: )

Put simply, it’s alliance selection to the extreme.

Last year, however, was a little less awesome. And I’d like to restore the room draft to its former glory.

In essence, what I’m looking to do is run a display with a large amount of spots (one per bed) in the rough shape of the floors of Preston. (All told, it’d be somewhere around 240 blanks.) As folks select rooms, the display would update to let everyone know what rooms were still open, and which ones have been claimed by who.

Problem is, I couldn’t seem to find anything to that effect in Quartz Composer, and Keynote has the problem of not updating without backing the whole way out of the presentation. Any suggestions on something to do the job?


I am not sure exactly what you are doing, but you might want to check out Flash. It has those capabilities that you stated, but programming in Actionscript it required.

Flash could do it but it would be very complicated actionscripting to do with inputs and the like. I’d say flash is definite out unless you know a very talented actionscripter willing to do it.

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