I am CONSTINTULY moving between a PC and A Mac all day. I am a HUGE Mac fan, I guess you could call me one of those “Switchers” I bought my first Mac back in 2000!

Well anyways, I figured I could poll some of the most intelligent youth on this earth here (or maybe not) but anyways Post what you think and why!

  • Imatt

Go mac Go!

i liked my old mac just cause it has really weird/neat games on it that cant be found anymore or put onto windows

OS X is BSD… and I think there was a thread like this before. Oh yeah, I picked *nix, because Windows is the nazi. Macs are swell too though, but they aint open source are they?

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**OS X is BSD… and I think there was a thread like this before. Oh yeah, I picked *nix, because Windows is the nazi. Macs are swell too though, but they aint open source are they? **

I am cool with Mac hardware… it’s the software that makes me mad… I hate the operating systems…

I too picked *nix, even though im running 2k right now… I am a self-proclaimed hipocrite, please stone me to death.

ps… what a great troll thread…

Mac OS 9 with a windows emulator and compatability software will beat the crap out of the equivalent windows pc

The first computer I ever used was an apple and the first one my family ever owned was an apple too. Currently in my house there are 4 PCs and a Linux router. All the new apple products look really cool (except for the new iMac). An apple you just plug it in, turn it on, it works. With windows there is a lot to configure and set up and it gets messed up kind of easily like in my Windows 98 SE sound works in everything except Media Player 7.1 Wierd huh? However, with windows 2000, you have a system that almost never gets stuck or crashes. If you bump up to XP, it is virtually goof proof. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can buy 2 PCs for the same price as 1 comparable Mac. I actually have frozen a Mac Power PC before but that was only once ever and those are kind of old. With Macs you can have the security of knowing that whatever you do it will keep working. However, I do feel that a window’s environment is eaisier to navigate and work in. Also notice that it is most always the PCs that are on the cutting edge of new technology. Someday, Macs and PCs will be very alike. Until then you just really have to own both because I really can’t pick one that’s better.

Mac OS X is one of the best OS’s you will find out there.

Its simple, its powerful, and it rarely crashes.

I have always like Macs because I always have bad experiences with Windows. At work on Friday, I had to fix 2 W2k machines all day, they drive me insane.

Mac OS 10.2 coming out in the month, has so many features in it, that just makes the best experiences of computing you can have.

The Imac is a good consumer solution, it provides all of the solutions and software you can ever need.

Its pro line has much to desired though. There pro line still has SDRAM, which is OK for consumer, but it is not so great for professional users. And they way overpriced for what they are really worth. However, Motorola just announced the G5, and there were leaked sources that Apple’s next generation of their pro line will also include DDR RAM.

Macs have most of the software you will ever need. Macs also have the iapps, that are really good for music, movies, burning dvds, photos, syncing, and makes a really good organizer.

Macs does have a lot of games, but it is not a gaming platform. Personally I think I have outgrown games, and really own play them when I have my friends over.

Windows is OK, but I have always felt that its features were a knock-off of other products.

I prefer PC myself, but Macs do have many good points. Most of them I know of have already been said, so I won’t get into that. I will say, however, that for ease of use, you can’t beat a Mac. You don’t have as much power, software, or games, but they sure are simple and easy. I enjoy using Macs, but for my needs, I can’t say I’d ever buy one. It’s just not for me.

Imagine a solar powered car. It has superb efficency, never get’s into accidents, costs half as much as a normal car and looks great too! But, imagine this, it only runs on 3% (official percentage of macs vs. any other os) of all the roads…

'nuff said. I voted for xp. go, xp, go!

if macs were as good for games and things like that, i would rush to buy one. unfortunately, most games are made for PCs, so i use PCs. also the fact that my dad used to work at IBM, so he’s been using PCs since they came out :D. windows still does leave much to be desired, but since it’s the majority, i have to go with the “if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em” idea.

Anybody else out there hear about or use IBM’s Os/2. I’m using it right now. Its stable fast runs on x86 and does all the things I want to do without the hassles of Windows.

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**Anybody else out there hear about or use IBM’s Os/2. I’m using it right now. Its stable fast runs on x86 and does all the things I want to do without the hassles of Windows. **

What applications do you run on it?

is OS/2 related in any way to unix?

Here’s a screenshot of my PC. You can see it has a similar appearance to that of Nifty Doorways.
I tried to shove several of the apps that I use into one picture so you can see what’s available.

I use Lotus Smartsuite for my typing and Office equivalent. Its so nice not to have that paperclip. You can see it in the upper corner. In the lower left is a media player. On the right you can see AIM and in the middle is Mozilla or Netscape 6.
In the lower left one of the coolest features is the command prompt. Those of you who use NT should know what this is but for those who don’t it allows you to type commands instead of clicking. Much faster if you know what your doing.

To answer your other question Os/2 is not related to Unix. Os/2 was a joint project started around 88 by Microsoft and IBM to produce the successor to DOS. Microsoft screwed IBM halfway through the project and took there code and made NT. IBM took there code and made Os/2. I think Os/2 is a far superior product.

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** I voted for xp. go, xp, go! **

if you are referring to windows xp i dont like it that much just because when you are used to a set format like windows 95 or 98 it is different and you have to reajust everything so that is even remotelly simmilar and i guess the only good thing about it is that everyone in my family can have there own settings but other than that i dont like it at all

OS/2 was renowned for running windows applications better then windows did. However, Microsoft had the right marketing and got windows installed on all new computers and OS/2 could not compete after that.

I run linux on my laptop, been in windows once in the last 3 weeks. If I was buying another laptop, it would probably be a new ibook.

I’ve never had much experience with MACs, so I’m voting for PC. I’m a gamer, and alot of games are only on PC. You have to specially order and seek out the Mac version of the game, and that’s a hassle. Windows does mess up quite often, unless you have XP, that’s cool, but I don’t like the way Macs run. But, can Jeff Goldbloom be wrong?? I mean, he did escape Jurrasic Park twice.

Ha ha, I totaly forgot about those old commercials. He also Survived ID4!

Ever thought why PC became more popular even though in some of the aspects Macs where far superior? It is the fact that everything on PC is standardized which allowed people to develop software and hardware for it easily while Apple decided to use proprietary standards to shelter its creation. So in order to compare a Mac to a PC you need to define both, with Macs it is not like you have too many choices, but with hundreds innovations introduced each day on the PC it is not as easy. An “average” (which is vague term) PC which consists of parts primarily chosen on the basis of pricing is inferior to the Mac’s tightly controlled hardware. So if you are buying your grandma a computer, get her a Mac. But if you “really” know what you are doing and have a deep pocket you can create a machine that will blow any Mac away in every aspect, including design. I have seen quite a few awesome PC cases with glass windows and the interiors lit by backlights, and LCD displays mounted in the front, which will make any Mac look like a cardboard box. Combined with top of the crop hardware innovations you can have a machine that will outperform any Mac ever built. On the software end of the spectrum I do not think I even have to argue, don’t like Windows? There are dozens of operations systems running on x86 platform. On Macs it is not like you have got a choice.

Macs are excellent machines for those who have no time for tweaking. PC can be a great bargain, but then do not try to compare a $500 PC to $3000 G4. But for those who really know what they are doing (NOT NERD WANNA BEs), with enough money and time you can have the Ultimate Machine, doing stuff Steve Jobs is only dreaming of.


P.S. My knowledge in this area is quite outdated, and I would appreciate any corrections.

P.P.S. Just my 2 cents.