Mac Vs Win Vs Linux

i know this is already a thread, but a poll may be better for this…

I can’t vote, the poll only let’s me choose one.

Mac OSX for personal/home, Windows 7 for work, Linux for servers.

Why do so many people get so worked up about the choices other people make about what OS to use on their computers? Who cares? Use what works best for you, and unless you’ve had extended use on any particular OS don’t trash talk it.

it should be which one you use for personal use

Spot on Art!
It doesn’t matter what you do it on, it matters what you do with it.

totaly agreed

I think Mac is my favorite. Mostly because I use Photoshop and like the fact they are more resilient then any other computer.

Im a poor programmer who loves performance and is against overpriced proprietary software/hardware and for the Open Source and Free Software Movements, Linux.