MACH LightDrive 12 LED Controller (am-3847)

Has anyone used this controller in JAVA? Can you share your code? The examples they have are only in C++ and there isn’t a direct translation.

LightDrive 12 - LED Controller (am-3847)

Hi! Thanks for your interest in the MACH Engineering LightDrive!

These controllers have not shipped yet, but they should be in stock at AndyMark late next week. Currently, C++ and LabVIEW libraries are available and a Java version is in the works. We hope to have it ready by the time the controllers start shipping. Java functionality will be the same as the C++ library.

Thanks again for your interest and we are very excited to see what you guys create with the LightDrive!


Will it support addressing individual LED’s on the LED strip to make patterns? Or is it just a basic 1-225 control of brightness and color?

Gagan Bhat

The current LightDrive 12 only supports single color strands or RGB strands by combining channels. We are hoping to release a WS2812-compatible version soon. Stay posted!

MACH Engineering


We have a lightdrive controller and it seems to not be detected at all! This is via CAN.

To remove other factors, we even tried simple one to one connection from the roboRio to the lightdrive via 2 CAN wires. And even that didn’t seem to work.

Gagan Bhat