Machine Shop Help Needed, Mesa, Arizona

Hey everyone,

Our team is using a ball screw for our lift mechanism and need a gear machined on it to gear it to our motor. We are based in Mesa, Arizona so for any Arizona teams, are there any good machine shops nearby us? We haven’t had to machine a part in the past so we don’t know where to start. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi again,

I saw that my post had disappeared from the main page of CD and still had 0 replies so I am reposting. We have searched around and still can’t find a machinist. So again, for all Arizona teams, who is a reliable, trustworthy machinist based in Arizona? Who have you used before? The part we are looking to machine is a gear onto a ball screw shaft in the precise center. Hopefully someone can help. Thank you.

It would help if you clarify what you need.

It sounds like you’re saying you need a gear hobbed onto a ball screw. Is that really what you want? That is a highly specialized operation and you’re not going to have much luck getting someone to do that for free in a timely fashion.

If you just need to attach a spur gear to a ball screw then you have multiple options, like turning down the screw to fit the gear bore and keying/welding/pinning it.

I don’t know about a machine shop, but I know there is a makerspace in Mesa called Heatsync. I’ve only taken a cursory look at their machine shop, but I know they’re open to the public on weeknights. It might be worth a shot.

I don’t think heatsync would have the machinery for that, if you’re looking for some heavy duty machinery at a makerspace go to the techshop in chandler. As for using a gear to go to the ball screw, would it not be easier just to drill a hole and pin it? If you’re looking to get a reduction from the motor to the screw you could always just use a couple regular gears; one on the motor shaft and one on a shaft that extends past the screw. But if you need a reduction you could just look at getting a different gearbox for the motor and pinning it.

I’m assuming your ball screw is made out of hardened steel. If so getting it machined will be extremely hard and cost a ton. I recommend you look at the ball screw sold by mcmaster with one end milled. Otherwise you will have to go with the pin idea.

Depends on the ball screw. Some shops do “hard turning” or can cut hardened steel, but I agree you would be hard pressed to find one to do it fast.

If you know exactly what you need machined and have accurate drawings along w/ all the necessary dimensions (CAD & pictures, etc. help). Then e-mail George Williams (briefly telling him what you exactly need w/ as many details as possible in the morning, and ask that he call you to talk. (I cannot ask him @ 1:00 AM though to see how busy he currently is, or even warn him you’ll be e-mailing). (be patient though as tomorrow is a work day for him @ Laron here in Kingman, AZ). But, if looking for a Machinist, who is a “reliable, trustworthy, & based in Arizona?” George is your guy! 20+ years of FRC experience also.

He is a Master Machinist, he’ll either arrange to do it for you, or steer you in the correct direction to purchase it if avail., or to get it made. He also usually runs the machine shop at the Chandler, AZ Regional event. So you probably already know him by sight at least.

BTW, that new Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas…Laron, Inc. Mfg. & Built it! Link below! A 550’ high Observation Ferris Wheel!

Laron, Inc. (Located in the Kingman, AZ Airport Industrial Park), has one of the largest Machine shops I have ever seen in my entire life, and they are extremely FIRST Friendly (George Williams is more than FIRST FRIENDLY, he lives and breathes it), he is Team 60’s Lead Industry Mentor and has been since the very beginning.

We are 4 hrs. away, but he does side jobs too, and shipping inside AZ is pretty fast.

Good Luck!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for their help. It turns out that one of our parents had a friend with a machine shop nearby and he was able to machine the part, (which was actually making a 1 inch diameter hole in the precise center of a fairly thick gear, for clarification). However, we will definitely look into the other shops mentioned as we will probably need other equipment in future seasons. Again, thanks and good luck to everyone at the competition!