MacWorld Keynote/Announcements Thread

Apple knows how to throw a keynote like no other, and with such huge producs as the iPhone, video iPod, Leopard, 8 core Mac Pro, new Airport for 802.11n, and the usual updates to iLife and iWork, this will be very cool!

Man, that iPhone looks freaking sweet…but without a contract it will probably cost as much as my iMac!! :ahh:

The iPhone and Apple TV are just awesome! :smiley:

Apple certainly knows how to create products that never cease to amaze me with their sheer simplistic, yet amazingly powerful, brilliance.

Of the things that were announced (at the keynote and on the online store), I have to say impressed me the most was the new AirPort Extreme Base Station…

3 Computers can be connected using the 10/100 LAN ports
A USB port for printers or hard drive
(I would love to see how many people can use this thing in a wireless fasion)

And, I’ll be honest, I’m very doubtful of the iPhone…

Now don’t get me wrong. Looks very nice. Has lots of features (iPod feature being #1 in my opinion) and would be of great use for those who would love to have multiple things on one device (though, to be honest, if I wanted to find out what the weather was like, I’d go outside for once)…

However, the first disappointment is (of course) the price.
$499 for 4GB
$599 for 8GB

Second, I was a little disappointed that Apple wasn’t able to set up any agreements with the other providers (Virgin, Tracfone, Sprint, etc.), though I am sure they will set up agreements with them during the year.

AppleTV sounds like a great idea, and the price sounds reasonable. However, or maybe I’m just blind as a bat, but shouldn’t there have been some sort of support for some of us that still use A/V (Yellow, White, and Red)?

Brian… get your eyes checked dear! You can find it here green serves as yellow.

Oh yeah. Definately blind as a bat… D=