MadTown's Cad Library/SW Update

Hey CD,

The library is now at 250+ Parts; there are few major updates, a cleaner interface, and a relatively new section:

Team Hosting” – Under this section any team can upload files such as: Custom Wheels, Chassic, Full Robots, Gearboxes, etc…

Also MadTown has combined with Solidworksto deliver a better user experience. The problem with the launch of the library as other libraries is that there were not enough options/formats available. So now if the format is not working for you or you would prefer not to convert it from .step or .iges, there will be a mirrored page that has 25+ formats available. Currently the “Drivetrain” Section is done.

Basically there is a SW logo by the drawings, then it has more formats available. If clicked upon, it redirects you do a 3d Content Central Page and there you can download such formats as: Solidworks (2009,2008,2007) , PRO.E, Solidedge, and much more.

How Can you help:

-Report Broken Links and Incorrect info.
-Contribute parts.
-If any web developer would like to help make an “FTP Uploader” for the Library.
-Helping with uploading parts to 3d Central.



The organization of files is awesome. Love the thumbnails. Obviously a lot of time was put into this. Thanks for putting this together. This will definitely reduce some of our drawing times.

If anyone has files of the FTC or VEX field please let us know.

RC, this is absolutely awesome.

I hope people continue to contibute!

I’m loving the team hosting part of the site, it’s really awesome.

Nice job!

We have many VEX and FTC (TETRIX) parts at in all file formats and we go back a few years too, If there is a part their that we dont have let us know. You can make a request right on 3DContentCentral


It appears that many of the images of hubs on the “Fasteners/Hubs” page are messed up. When I click the thumbnail to view the larger image, the larger images have colored bars going across the image.

Thanks Nick,

I’ll edit it, “Thickbox” did the same thing for the bearings, so I got rid of the effect for it, I will redo and check out the page.